Five Blogs – 10 July 2013

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

Cognitive Bias, Daily Process Thoughts, July, 8 2013
Written by: Thomas Cagley

When you fail, get back up and do it again!
Written by: David Greenlees

Time Flies: Here’s How to Slow It Down
Written by: Jessica Stillman

Quitting is an option: 5 occasions when quitting may be right for you.
Written by: Mark Bowness

Why You’ve Got To Get Addicted To Delegation
Written by: Natalie Sisson / Natasha Vorompiova


A Step-by-Step Guide to Stop Procrastinating
Written by: Gretchen Rubin

Quote of the day:
“In programming, nothing is cheaper than not introducing the bugs in the first place.” -E.W. Dijkstra

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