Five Blogs – 16 November 2017

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

Learning Theory
Written by: Richard Millwood

The value of human, exploratory testing
Written by: David Heinemeier Hansson

72 hour “Deep Work” Week
Written by: Raj Subramanian

The Frustration of “Too Much Choice”
Written by: Michael Larsen

Fake Agile
Written by: Jurgen Appelo

Quote of the day:
“Words are alive; cut them and they bleed” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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One thought on “Five Blogs – 16 November 2017”

  1. Women are taking on leadership positions at a steadier pace than ever before, according to the Pew Research Center. The statistics point to growth across several segments—state government, Fortune 500 companies and universities—but where does that leave the real estate industry?

    Majority female leadership in real estate is becoming more commonplace, as exemplified by a recent leadership restructuring at Title Alliance, a family of full-service title insurance and escrow agencies.

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