No more Five Blogs

Yesterday I posted ‘Five Blogs’ nr. 3000. A milestone on its own, but for me the moment to say that it was the last one. I did this with pleasure, but things have changed lately. For me the decision to stop with it.

I can recommend the following sites to keep up to date with the blogs about testing in particular
– Software Testing Weekly by Dawid Dylowicz (
– Software Testing Notes by Pritesh Usadadiya (

Kind Regards,


2 thoughts on “No more Five Blogs”

  1. I’ve used your 5 blogs post to find amazing blog posts from the community. You’ve even featured some of my blog posts over the years, really appreciated.

    Sorry to hear you’ve decided to end this series. Thanks for everything you’ve done, its been a great contribution to the community.

  2. Hi Simon,

    Sorry to hear this. I’m not really a fan of 5blogs but I occasionally check the emails and read some great articles.

    I wish you all the best


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