Five Blogs – 2 October 2013

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

Experimentation Is The New Planning
Written by: Dave Gray

The Macro Expansion Heuristic – A Real World Example
Written by: Michael Corum

Accomplishing Organizational Transformation
Written by: George Dinwiddie

How the Usability Matrix of Emotions Can Benefit Your Software Testing
Written by: David Greenlees

8 Common Mistakes in How Our Brains Think and How to Prevent Them
Written by: Belle Beth Cooper

Quote of the day:
“Worry is interest paid on trouble before it is due.” -William Ralph Inge

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Five Blogs – 25 April 2012

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

What are the truly important things?
Written by: The New Work Order

Rethinking the Service Desk – I
Written by: Matt Heusser

Responding to Changes
Written by: Donald Gray

New Testing Ideas
Written by: Alan Page

Quality Assurance is a Process, Not a Department
Written by: Mike Brown


Potential: Are YOU Reaching For It?
Written by: Sheri Mackey

Specification by Example is not Enough
Written by: Paul Gerrard

Quote of the day:
“Ask the experienced rather than the learned.” -Unknown