Five Blogs – 21 February 2014

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

Learning to use exploratory testing in your organization …
Written by: TestSheep

How do you know you’re improving?
Written by: Markus Gärtner

5 Myths About Introverts and Extraverts at Work
Written by: Adam Grant

A Tale of Two Coaches: What Kind Are You?
Written by: Michael Hyatt

The Best Pronoun To Use In Self-Talk: “He” Or “She,” Not “Me” or “I”
Written by: Annie Murphy Paul

Quote of the day:
“Forget the bug counts, Your customer is your ultimate feedback.” -Jace Browning

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Five Blogs – 12 April 2012

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

Top 5 Scrum Workshop Dont’s
Written by: Tobias Mayer

Visualizing the testing effort
Written by: Pekka Marjamäki

New product, new team, new practices
Written by: Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Testing like the TSA
Written by: 37signals

Introverted Thinking Extroverted World
Written by: Jeremy Sisson


Rapid Lifecycle Development in an Agile Context
Written by: Robert Nord

Quote of the day:
“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” -Charles Buxton