Five Blogs – 7 December 2012

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

7 Signs of a Great Boss
Written by: Renee Gaylor

The Unteaming of Teams
Written by: Martin Nilsson

1 Year to Debt-Free!
Written by: Cordelia

Be Yourself!
Written by: Adam Goucher

10 Reasons to Avoid Test Driven Development
Written by: Assaf Stone

Quote of the day:
“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” -Wayne Gretzky

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Five Blogs – 25 September 2012

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

A lot of lead bullets: a response to the new york times article on data center efficiency
Written by: Diego Doval

When in doubt: `MORT´
Written by: Kristoffer Nordström

5 Simple Ways to Get Motivated at Work
Written by: Erica Dhawan

Testing is dead
Written by: Mike MacDonagh

Helping Others Begin Their Leadership Journey
Written by: Dan Rockwell

Quote of the day:
“The great man is the man who does a thing for the first time.” -Alexander Smith