Five Blogs – 14 January 2021

The (best) five blogs we can read today. Check them out.

It’s Time to Focus on Projects, Not Ideas
Written by: Michael McKinney

How to Resolve the Roots of Disagreement
Written by: Jesse Lyn Stoner

The Play, the points, and the biggest lie in software
Written by: Gojko Adzic

What Are Your Next Actions?
Written by: Francisco Sáez

Continuous Improvement – Disconnected
Written by: Thomas Cagley

Quote of the day:
“Doing the right thing doesn’t always make you feel good” -Tom Kirkman

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Five Blogs – 27 June 2018

The (best) five blogs I read today. Check them out.

Good and Bad UI Test Automation explained – Inspired by Richard Bradshaw’s Tweets
Written by: Chris Kenst

Limits of a Self-Organizing Team
Written by: Dave Nicolette

Not looking for recipes of winning in a game but stopping the game
Written by: Maaret Pyhäjärvi

The 10 commandments of navigating code reviews
Written by: Angie Jones

Hindsight lessons about automation: The triple A principle
Written by: Viktor Slavchev

Quote of the day:
“Do something for yourself already. Start being a little selfish and give a shit about your life.” -Alden Tan

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