Five Blogs – 13 August 2018

In Memoriam : Jerry Weinberg

And I thought I had time…
Written by: Smita Pandey Mishra

Remembering Jerry Weinberg
Written by: Aleksis Tulonen

Farewell, My Dumbledore
Written by: Michael Larsen

Jerry’s Story: In Memoriam
Written by: Danny Faught

Jerry Weinberg’s Last Worry
Written by: James Bach


Tribute to Gerald Weinberg: Testing is Harder than Development
Written by: Joe Colantonio

Thank you, Jerry Weinberg
Written by: Rich Rogers

Quote of the day:
“If you reward busyness, you’ll get lots of tests, but not much testing.” -Jerry Weinberg‬

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2 thoughts on “Five Blogs – 13 August 2018”

  1. Hi Smita, I was fortunate enough to get to meet Jerry a few times. One of his most valuable gifts to me was a small of paper with one word on it. The word was NO. He used it to teach me that unless I can say NO, my YES is worthless. I took on too much. I started things and did not finish things. In the software business we care about quality not quantity. I had it laminated and have since given it to a friend who had the same problem. I now give you, virtually, piece of paper with the word NO on it. Because it seems to me you have the same problem I had. I didn’t find time. By lifting up a rock and there it was under the rock! No. I made time. By deciding what I was NOT going to do anymore. Maybe you can make time by deciding what you are NOT going to do amongst the long list of things you detail, all of which, it seems, you are still going to keep on doing…
    P.S. I would post the comment on Smita’s WordPress site, but I don’t have a WordPress account.

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