Five Blogs – 14 December 2021

The (best) five blogs we can read today. Check them out.

Testing and Language
Written by: James Thomas

Testing Payments: Not just the Test Cases
Written by: Dmytro Lukianchuk

Transforming Agile Ceremonies
Written by: Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Log4Shell explained – how it works, why you need to know, and how to fix it
Written by: Paul Ducklin

New zero-day in the Log4j Java Library Exploiting in Wide
Written by: Gurubaran S


Apache Log4j Vulnerability — Log4Shell — Widely Under Active Attack
Written by: Ravie Lakshmanan

Quote of the day:
“Because of my anxiety, I struggle to see my value. I only see a million flaws.” -Holly Riordan

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