Five Blogs – 27 January 2023

The (best) five blogs we can read today. Check them out.

Only 1% Need Microservices
Written by: Antoine Craske

Have Feelings of Entitlement Crept into Your Mindset?
Written by: Gregg Vanourek

3 Things A Tester Can Do To Involve Early In The Software Delivery Cycle
Written by: Parveen Khan

Do You Have Concrete Brain?
Written by: Randy Gage

The Eden Myth And How Demagogues, Hucksters And Con Artists Use It To Deceive Us
Written by: Greg Satell


One Tweak Testers Can Make To Improve The Relationships With Their Teammates
Written by: Vernon Richards

Quote of the day:
“The further inside you hide the hurt, the more it hurts inside. All wounds need air to heal.” -Iain Thomas

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